As the global community observes World No Tobacco Day 2024, the Nordic Nicotine Pouches Alliance (NNPA) is seizing this timely occasion to put forward some groundbreaking proposals for EU policy concerning nicotine pouches. With a comprehensive proposal outlining a vision for future EU legislation first revealed at the EVO NXT fair in Malaga and now on a broader stage, the NNPA is making a decisive push on a day dedicated to reducing tobacco harm, highlighting its commitment to representing the large, responsible, majority of the nicotine pouch value chain.

Brussels Report has published an extensive article on the proposal of key points in nicotine pouch legislation that can be found here

The NNPA’s manifesto presents a vision that balances stringent consumer protection with practical industry regulation, striving for a mature dialogue about the future of nicotine products in Europe. As Europe edges closer to another EU Election and anticipates shifts in EU leadership, the timing is strategic, underscoring the urgency and relevance of the proposal.

The plan directly addresses the most common concerns, advocating for clear labelling, responsible marketing, and establishing a maximum nicotine content threshold to ensure safety and discourage misuse. By proposing targeted legislation that prevents underage access while maintaining adult availability, the aim is to safeguard vulnerable groups without stripping adult consumers of a viable alternative to smoking. Moreover, the NNPA is pushing for nuanced regulatory changes that recognize the unique potential of nicotine pouches as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

As World No Tobacco Day encourages global reflection on the impact of smoking, the NNPA’s initiative serves as a reminder of the evolving nature of nicotine consumption and the need for policy to adapt to these changes. With a clear call for a balanced approach the NNPA aims to position itself as a front-line player in shaping future EU tobacco policy and to enhance the constructive dialogue with EU legislators.

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